Saturday, November 15, 2008

VSN submissions!

Well, I can finally unveil my VSN creations! I hate keeping secrets! And not that my stuff is FABULOUS, but I still like to show it off as much as the next person! And you can view all the details on my Splitcoast Gallery.

So, in order of appearance, here they are!

A Chorus Line! - 3 images in a row
I Wanna Be A Rockstar! - create an album cover
Can't Stop the Beat! - Thumping technique
Striptease! - Create a card where something can be removed!
Busby Girls - Create a card with dimensions
Standing In the Spotlight - make a spotlight card
See Your Name In Lights! - make a name plate
La Vie En Rose - create a card with pink flowers

Cinch It Up! - create a card with lacing

Lights, Colors....Moulin Rouge! - create a card using specific colors of the Moulin Rouge still pictures.

Belly Dancing! - Create a shaker card

Ring of Fire! - create a card with animals

La Cage Aux Follies - Create a masculine card with feminine items

Cameo Appearance - create a card with a cameo type image

White Christmas - create a Christmas card for the troops

Flowers For Me?! - create a card using the Dahlia Fold

And the only one that's not on there is my challenge card! Haha! I don't have it with the rest of my uploads. I'll get it on there tomorrow. It's too late! I have to be at work in a few hours!

See you tomorrow night!

Happy Stamping!!!


  1. they are all amazing and beautiful!!!!! i like the french one!

  2. I love your cards all are wonderful. I love Cinch It Up! - create a card with lacing!!!


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