Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Easter!

Is it ever too early to celebrate a holiday? I think NOT!
This card was made for two reasons. The first being the 8th sketch challenge on Card Patterns.
The second being my submission for Clear Dollar Stamps Guest Designer contest. We were to use the color purple. I used Amethyst because I really love that color, and it's great for Easter and spring! If you ask my 2 yr. old daughter, she would call it "puhple" and that's her "favowite co-wer)"! Can you tell she can't say her "R's"?! She's so cute! I'm biased, I know! ;D

Anyway, I used Almost Amethyst, So Saffron and Mellow Moss. The ribbons are both purple. The tulip is from Terrific Tulips by Stampin' Up! and the butterfly is from Kitchen Sink Stamps 3 Step Butterflies. I haven't used the Butterflies that much, but I've had them on the brain lately in regards to sitting on flowers like I have it here. So, I'm liking how this turned out! My husband said he really liked it too! Bonus points for me!

Have a wonderful day!
Happy Stamping!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Just A Carton Kind Of Day!

Hello! This card was made for the sketch challenge going on over at Paper Therapy! If your name is chosen randomly, you get to choose stamps from Shirley's 2 Girls! How fun!!! And there aren't a lot of people doing these challenges, so the chances of winning are great!!!!
So, anyway, my friends Karolyn (Paper Therapy blog owner) and Justine, who both are on Shirley's 2 Girls Design Team, have been bugging me about doing their challenges. Honestly, I just keep forgetting! So, they doubleteamed me, and called me out. So, I HAD to do the challenge! The first draft was a no go, and after learning that we can use any stamp, doesn't have to be Shirley's 2 Girls stamps, my life was a lot easier!!!!
I'm on an MFT kick like you would not believe! I'm only thinking My Favorite Things these days! So, what do I pull out? MFT stamps! This girl is from Here's the Scoop, and the sentiment is from Twisted Two. I am also loving the paper from Sabrina by Making Memories. I can't stop using it! So, this card came together pretty quickly once I chose the color palette.
Well, that's it folks!
Have a great weekend!
Happy Stamping!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Cafe!

Hello! For the third week in the MFT Idol Challenge, we were challenged to use Girls Night Out, which is the unreleased Who's That Girl set for April! As a finalist, I received one, along with Build a Bouquet and Going Places, and some really cool paper!

I have been noticing that the finalists continue to go ALL OUT for their projects. So, I thought I would too! Even though I'm just a judge, I still like to compete! So, without further ado, here is my project! The Cafe! I created this, because this was the best way to showcase Girls Night Out!

This first photo is just an overall view of the cafe. I really tried to get that darn roof on right. That's the only bad thing about this. I hope it's not a drawback. But, I wanted to show that this really is 3-D. I had a box laying around that wasn't being used, and I thought it would work perfectly as a cafe!

This second photo is Side 1 View of The Cafe. I created a step to make it more appealing, as well as adding potted plants. I think adding plants to anything gives it a homey feel. The awnings are from Meet Me At The Cafe, as well as the girl sitting by herself. The potted plants are from Can Ya Dig It? I made the door, and the doorknob is just a brad. The brick that you see all around, I made with my ruler and a black marker. I ran all four sheets of brick through my Xyron to get it to stick really well to the box. I love my Xyron!!! I popped up the potted plants, as well as the awnings. The window, as well as all the windows are covered with acetate, which I also put through my Xyron to adhere clearly.

This third photo of Side 2 View features Girls Night Out and By the Seashore. In the window, I changed the one girl into a guy and tweaked the arm and chest to make it look like a man. I wanted a different view than just two girls celebrating. (That's on the other side!) But, this could be a husband and wife celebrating their anniversary. The girl that's walking her dog is from By the Seashore. In the original stamp, she's actually walking barefoot, and has her flipflops in her hand. I cut those out and put a purse from Say Charge in her hand, and shoes on her feet from Window Shopping. The planter is actually a cauldron from Totally Witchin', and the tree is from It's A Jungle Out There. I have them upright by sticking one end of a paperclip behind each one and then taping the remainder underneath the sidewalk to give it leverage. I did this for all the 3-D girls!

This fourth photo is Side 3 View featuring Meet Me At The Cafe and Say Charge. The planter is from Totally Witchin' and the plant is from It's A Jungle Out There.

This fifth photo is Side 4 View featuring Girls Night Out, Going Places and Rain Or Shine. And if you look at the second photo, or even if you look close in the first photo, you'll see that I created a back for Going Places girl. I gave her hair, and gave her something to really look at! Now she's multi-dimensional!
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you like my Cafe!
Happy Stamping!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Card Patterns Sketch No. 7!

Another week, another sketch! You can go HERE to view the sketch of the week at Card Patterns. This sketch was a little difficult for me, but I prevailed!
I used Pink Pirouette and Old Olive paper, paired with Bella Rose d.p. The stamp I used is from Simply Spring and the sentiment is from Fancy Flexible Phrases. The pearls at the top are from the Pretties Kit. Ribbon is from Mike's. And I wanted to decorate the inside of the card too! I felt like it wasn't finished if I didn't have anything on the inside!
I made this card for a friend of mine who recently got a new job that's at least a half an hour closer to home than where she was working before. So, I wanted to congratulate her and tell her that I hoped that she was happy with her move and that everything is great at her new job!
Happy Stamping!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Fun To Get Dirty!

Hello! This fun piggy card was made for the MFT (My Favorite Things) Idol Contest. This is the second week, and the challenge this week was to make something using the masking technique. I do some masking, but I don't really think about it often. As it's not a technique I use a lot. So, it was kind of hard to come up with a good masking card! I decided to use Punny Farm for the main image, and do something with the piggies! I masked the white and gray pig, but ended up popping up the blush blossom and regal rose pigs, so can we say I did reverse masking??? Would it still qualify?! I also did masking on the clouds. This is one of my all time favorite thing to mask, are the clouds! And I'm always losing my clouds, so I'm always drawing new ones! But, that's good, then all my cards with clouds aren't the same! I actually used the cloud with the sentiment as my masking cloud. I also drew my picket fence. I was talking to one of my friends, Justine, the other day and we were discussing the different types of punches that Martha Stewart sells, and I didn't know that she made a picket fence punch! How cool! Well, I went shopping at Michael's this week and found the picket fence. I was SO tempted to buy it, but, I can draw one and it won't cost me $14.99! Plus, I was away at a scrapbooking weekend, and I really didn't want to drive anywhere just for a punch! So, this worked out!

The mud puddles are actually the rug from Let's Hear It For the Boys! The sentiment is from Can Ya Dig It?! The "ivy" on the fence posts is from a small plant in the It's a Jungle Out There set. And the piggies are from Punny Farm.

Thanks for stopping by!
Now that spring is really on it's way, it IS going to be fun to get dirty!!!!
I can't wait to start planting some flowers!
Have a great day!
Happy Stamping!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MFT Contest update....

Well I am sad to say that America has voted me off MFT Idol. But don't fret! I'm still going to participate, just in the losers bracket. Because there are going to be some twists to this contest!
So, stay tuned!!!

I would like to thank all who voted for me! I greatly appreciate your support!!!!

Happy Stamping!!!

Card Patterns Sketch # 6

This card was made for Card Patterns Sketch Number 6! I can't believe it's number 6 already!!!
I actually kept to the challenge and the only thing that's different are the swirls in the corners. I couldn't think of anything cool to put there, so I got my swirl template out and there you have it!
Have a great day!
Happy Stamping!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

MFT Idol Challenge #1

Hey there! Here is my first challenge submission for the MFT Idol contest! There are some really great projects already posted on the thread, so I'm in for a tough competition!!!

The theme for this challenge was "Celebrate!" So, I wanted to create a party scene to celebrate! The stair step fold card was the best way for me to portray that scene.

There are 8 MFT sets being used to create this awesome scene! The flowers are from MFT as well.

If you are a member of Splitcoaststampers, go over to the MFT Forum tonight at 10pm and all day Wednesday til 10pm ESTand vote in the Poll Thread!

Happy Stamping!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bubble Queen

Hello! I made this card today for the 5th sketch challenge on Card Patterns. You can find it at I kind of went abstract with the sketch, but tried to stay A LITTLE within the lines! After perusing my A-E stamp book, I came across Ms. Bubble Queen, and thought that with the two circles on the sketch, that this would be perfect with bubbles all around her! I really wish my camera could take better pictures, but nothing can capture real life! The bubbles just sparkle with Dazzling Diamonds! For the scallops on the first layer, and underneath the bubbles, that is actually a metal sheet. Since I was using metal, I couldn't use anything but scissors to cut through it. So, that's why the circles aren't perfect. I apologize!

Happy Stamping!!!
Take a bubble bath today!


I made the Top Ten! Woo hoo!!!!

Once they have announced all the winners by tonight, I'm sure they will post where to vote next Wednesday.

Stop by and peruse their awesome stamp selection!

Happy Stamping!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ice Cream Shop for MFT IDOL!

I recently came across a thread in the MFT Forum on Splitcoast that they are having a contest for the MFT Idol! So, I wanted to make something completely out of the box. I think this did it! I used 3 different sets: And Then I Said, Here's the Scoop, and Icing On the Cake. (Because we were only allowed to use MFT stamps). Not a problem for me, as I have collected quite a few! LOL! I was coloring the girl in from And Then I Said, and when I got to the tank top, I thought, if I kept this white, it could be an apron, and then my mind started going, and I came up with the ice cream shop! Something completely different. I didn't want to come up with something that someone else had thought of first. As far as I could tell, anyway! The only thing I took from someone was "cutting" the girl's hair, which the idea came from Melanie Muenchinger. So, thank you Melanie!!!! Fabulous idea!!!!

Hope you like it!
Happy Stamping!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bag toppers for a friend!

These 12 bag toppers are for a friend of mine who commissioned me to make for her to give away as gifts. These were fun to make! She's going to put tealights in a cellophane bag, and then top with one of these! Instant gifts!

Easter 1:
Easter 2:
Spring 1:

Spring 2:
Summer 1:
Summer 2:
Birthday 1:
Birthday 2:
Fall 1:
Fall 2:
Christmas 1:
Christmas 2:
Happy Stamping!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For My Little Sherriff!

This card was made for the weekly Card Patterns sketch challenge. I thought that this little cowboy would be perfect in the little oval. So, I used the cowboy as my main inspiration. I used the star paper as inspiration for the stars down the card. And since my son is all about being the sherriff, and always getting the bad guys, this card is for him!

Happy Stamping!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dr. Suess!

Over at AllyScraps, their next card challenge is to make a birthday card because today is Dr. Suess' birthday, and the challenging part is to put a rhyme on your card! I paged through my stamaps, and I came across Give Thanks (SU!) and saw the apples in the bucket. And I thought of one of my favorite Dr. Suess books "Ten Apples Up On Top". So, I thought I would do that. And then I realized that apples wouldn't make sense for a birthday card. But, what about candles?! So, I stamped and cut out some candles, and you can see them on the second picture as you withdraw the cardstock behind the frog! Just thought it would be kind of cute to see how many candles there might be! Anyway, my rhyme says: Do the birthday hop! How many candles are up on top?! So, it's kind of mirroring that book. Oh, I just remembered that I forgot to put googly eyes on the frog. I'll do that before I give it away. I may save it for either my grandfather who just turned 80, or my husband who's birthday is later this month. We'll see what else I can come up with!

Happy Stamping!!!

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

This card was made for the first card challenge on AllyScraps. Since they are doing a membership drive to get more members, they hosted this challenge to welcome all the new scrappers to their neighborhood! Well, I haven't used this Right at Home set in a very long time. So, I felt it was perfect for this challenge! And I only colored the middle house because I wanted to highlight the "new home"!
Go on over to AllyScraps and join in the fun! When you reach 50 posts by mid March, you get a $10.00 gift certificate to the AllyScraps store! How cool is that?! Go start chattin' it up!
Happy Stamping!!!

It's a jungle out there! Or.....maybe a rainforest?

I was recently commissioned to make baby shower invitations. The theme in the nursery is rainforesty/jungleesque type. So, I grabbed a baby set, a Hawaiian set, It's a Jungle Out There by MFT and Pocket Fun from SU!. I can't remember what the Hawaiian set's name is. It has Aloha in there and a surfboard. Anyway, I wanted to capture the green that is rampant in this theme. So, I chose Gable Green and Green Galore and then added my animals!
I used my largest circle and scalloped circles nestibilities to create this window.

Happy Stamping!!!