Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Fun To Get Dirty!

Hello! This fun piggy card was made for the MFT (My Favorite Things) Idol Contest. This is the second week, and the challenge this week was to make something using the masking technique. I do some masking, but I don't really think about it often. As it's not a technique I use a lot. So, it was kind of hard to come up with a good masking card! I decided to use Punny Farm for the main image, and do something with the piggies! I masked the white and gray pig, but ended up popping up the blush blossom and regal rose pigs, so can we say I did reverse masking??? Would it still qualify?! I also did masking on the clouds. This is one of my all time favorite thing to mask, are the clouds! And I'm always losing my clouds, so I'm always drawing new ones! But, that's good, then all my cards with clouds aren't the same! I actually used the cloud with the sentiment as my masking cloud. I also drew my picket fence. I was talking to one of my friends, Justine, the other day and we were discussing the different types of punches that Martha Stewart sells, and I didn't know that she made a picket fence punch! How cool! Well, I went shopping at Michael's this week and found the picket fence. I was SO tempted to buy it, but, I can draw one and it won't cost me $14.99! Plus, I was away at a scrapbooking weekend, and I really didn't want to drive anywhere just for a punch! So, this worked out!

The mud puddles are actually the rug from Let's Hear It For the Boys! The sentiment is from Can Ya Dig It?! The "ivy" on the fence posts is from a small plant in the It's a Jungle Out There set. And the piggies are from Punny Farm.

Thanks for stopping by!
Now that spring is really on it's way, it IS going to be fun to get dirty!!!!
I can't wait to start planting some flowers!
Have a great day!
Happy Stamping!!!


  1. Very cute. I cannot believe you actually drew the fense. Outstanding. WOW, your piggies are super cute, very clever your mud puddle rugs

  2. OMG I was thinking AAAAAACK!!!! A SNEAK PEEK of the new sets.... LOL

    THAT just goes to show you I have some sets that need to see some ink.... I have this set! LOL

    Super cute, I hope I have time to do SOMETHING for the judges entry... I'm still workin on my NEW Celebrate MFT card....


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