Friday, March 27, 2009

The Cafe!

Hello! For the third week in the MFT Idol Challenge, we were challenged to use Girls Night Out, which is the unreleased Who's That Girl set for April! As a finalist, I received one, along with Build a Bouquet and Going Places, and some really cool paper!

I have been noticing that the finalists continue to go ALL OUT for their projects. So, I thought I would too! Even though I'm just a judge, I still like to compete! So, without further ado, here is my project! The Cafe! I created this, because this was the best way to showcase Girls Night Out!

This first photo is just an overall view of the cafe. I really tried to get that darn roof on right. That's the only bad thing about this. I hope it's not a drawback. But, I wanted to show that this really is 3-D. I had a box laying around that wasn't being used, and I thought it would work perfectly as a cafe!

This second photo is Side 1 View of The Cafe. I created a step to make it more appealing, as well as adding potted plants. I think adding plants to anything gives it a homey feel. The awnings are from Meet Me At The Cafe, as well as the girl sitting by herself. The potted plants are from Can Ya Dig It? I made the door, and the doorknob is just a brad. The brick that you see all around, I made with my ruler and a black marker. I ran all four sheets of brick through my Xyron to get it to stick really well to the box. I love my Xyron!!! I popped up the potted plants, as well as the awnings. The window, as well as all the windows are covered with acetate, which I also put through my Xyron to adhere clearly.

This third photo of Side 2 View features Girls Night Out and By the Seashore. In the window, I changed the one girl into a guy and tweaked the arm and chest to make it look like a man. I wanted a different view than just two girls celebrating. (That's on the other side!) But, this could be a husband and wife celebrating their anniversary. The girl that's walking her dog is from By the Seashore. In the original stamp, she's actually walking barefoot, and has her flipflops in her hand. I cut those out and put a purse from Say Charge in her hand, and shoes on her feet from Window Shopping. The planter is actually a cauldron from Totally Witchin', and the tree is from It's A Jungle Out There. I have them upright by sticking one end of a paperclip behind each one and then taping the remainder underneath the sidewalk to give it leverage. I did this for all the 3-D girls!

This fourth photo is Side 3 View featuring Meet Me At The Cafe and Say Charge. The planter is from Totally Witchin' and the plant is from It's A Jungle Out There.

This fifth photo is Side 4 View featuring Girls Night Out, Going Places and Rain Or Shine. And if you look at the second photo, or even if you look close in the first photo, you'll see that I created a back for Going Places girl. I gave her hair, and gave her something to really look at! Now she's multi-dimensional!
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you like my Cafe!
Happy Stamping!!!


  1. Oh my Erin, this is a thing of beauty! Hands down to you for making such a cool project!

  2. Brilliant, my little friend, just BRILLIANT! Judge schmudge - you're the winner in my book, sistah!

  3. 0This is amazing!!!!!!!! A true work of art.

  4. love it! so cute!!! cant imagine how much work that was!


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