Friday, March 6, 2009

Ice Cream Shop for MFT IDOL!

I recently came across a thread in the MFT Forum on Splitcoast that they are having a contest for the MFT Idol! So, I wanted to make something completely out of the box. I think this did it! I used 3 different sets: And Then I Said, Here's the Scoop, and Icing On the Cake. (Because we were only allowed to use MFT stamps). Not a problem for me, as I have collected quite a few! LOL! I was coloring the girl in from And Then I Said, and when I got to the tank top, I thought, if I kept this white, it could be an apron, and then my mind started going, and I came up with the ice cream shop! Something completely different. I didn't want to come up with something that someone else had thought of first. As far as I could tell, anyway! The only thing I took from someone was "cutting" the girl's hair, which the idea came from Melanie Muenchinger. So, thank you Melanie!!!! Fabulous idea!!!!

Hope you like it!
Happy Stamping!!!


  1. This is just awesome!!!! How creative are you...

  2. This is so totally fun, original and out of the box! I Love it!

  3. I sure hope you win with this!! totally outta the box-awesome!! soooo clever!!


  4. This is just TOTALLY AWESOME...I sent the link to a friend who doesn't have MFT and SHE WAS ALL WOW!!!! Now THAT is AWESOME.....

  5. Genious, totally one of those "I wish I had thought of that" ideas. YEA, now we can say we knew you WHEN!


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