Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ahoy there, me hearties!

Ahoy there, me hearties!  Today I be sharin' with you me own version of a "scene".  That be aarrrgghhh challenge this week.  We be usin' a picture o' ME, Terrible Ivan the Pirate, straight from AiFactory, those scallywags!   

So, me started with a piece o' cardboard that I scrimped and saved.  I painted it white, then sponged clouds on.  I used beads instead a' the real deal gems and jewels in the treasure chest that I found last week on the banks o' ye old Allegheny.  Ya can see the end of my dinghy on the corner of the cardboard scene.  The sentiment at the top reads: "Aaarrrrggghhhhh you ready to find that treasure?", in case ya have scurvy and can't see.  I used real sand and sea glass from the shores of Hawaii from my last journey 'round the world.

That's enough now!  Continue sailing on to the other scurvy dogs on the design team and see what they did with the picture o' me!  Now you can walk the plank off me piratin' ship! And give me back all me treasure! 

Hoist up the jolly roger, men, it's time to sail on!


  1. Hey girl! Love this card! That treasure chest is sooooooooo adorable!


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