Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Elizabeth and the first secretary card

I just had to take pictures of Elizabeth last night!  She was just too cute!  So, I'm just sharing a picture of her!

And now on to my card!  Do you really even want to look?!  After looking at Elizabeth, why bother?!

Well, for anyone who wants to see:


This card started out very differently!  I stamped Kitchen Sink Stamps roses to put on the blue, but when I stamped them all, then cut them all out, I put them on the blue and they washed out (they were blue roses). So, I put them away and the next day, I looked through my stuff and spied my new SU! bird punch and decided to go w/ a bird theme.  I used hemp for the birds nest.  Isn't that a cute idea?!  I came up w/ it myself!  The blue is the top note die from SU!.  The small bird is actually the top part of the punch and I don't know what it's supposed to be used for.  I was punching out the big bird on a scrap of paper, and the little bird was punched out too, and when I looked at the shape, it looked like the perfect baby bird! 

For the inside, my friend Phyllis gave me the idea to use my scraps left behind from the top note.  So, I used them on the inside!  I punched out the big bird and placed it in there to tie in the front to the inside.

All right, off to finish my busy day! 


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww she is SO darn cute! I love her. Can I babysit her?!??!? :-)

    The card is cute too. Eh.

    LOL. Just kidding! The card is amazing! I love how you finish the inside of the cards. An extra special touch. I am doing good to get the outside done. LOL. I like how you used the remains of the front! Nice call Phyllis!

  2. Erin, Elizabeth is SO adorable! Thanks for sharing the pic!

    Your card is sweet, inside and out! :)

  3. Yes, yes, she is super sweet. Oh how they grow so fast....

    And I thought you already made a "first secretary" card? Yup, I checked and you did. So this is the second secretary card!

    And a hemp nest huh? you are a GENIUS!!! LOL!! Did you get your award from my blog yet? You have one waiting.

  4. OMGosh! I can't believe how big Elizabeth has gotten! Those sweet cheeks and that beautiful smile - she's gorgeous, Erin!! You did good, missy! Love this sweet card, too. Good call on the bird punch, too - that nest is GENIUS!! Love it!

  5. SHE is practically GROWN!!!! Look at those long legs.... Thank you for letting us take a peek at her.
    OK the card is fantastic and I think that it would fit one of the calls over at CARDS for finished inside and out. Better than that other pub we talk about ya know!!!!!!

  6. you're right, Elizabeth is much better for looking at than a card. She's gotten so big and I see she's got a tattoo. Is she getting her nose pierced next?


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