Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And......the finished product!

And here it is, the final project complete! All I need is to wrap it up and put a bow on it! I'm SO excited to give this to SMM! I hope lots of people put their tickets in for this! How can you go wrong w/ 14 handmade cards, 1 journal w/ a matching pen, 1 decorated water bottle, 1 four-pack of tealights, 1 recipe card set, and 1 book of stamps?! HELLO!

I am going to make a congratulatory card for the winner to find when they open the basket that has my information in it. This way, when they have used up all the cards, they can call me and I'll make them a whole new set! And they can tell all their friends and family about the great cards that I made and then maybe they will call me and want some of their own! Well, a girl can dream!

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope your dreams come true!
Happy Stamping!!!

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  1. i would totally put all my tickets in for this basket if i was there!! Who ended up winning it? The baby cards below are SO frickin cute too, i love the sweet pea one.
    you are amazing!


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