Monday, July 28, 2008

A quadruple challenge!

This card was made yesterday for a quadruple dirty challenge! I had to. There was just no way I could do 4 separate cards in just 2 hours, which was all I had today. And I had 6 challenges staring me in the face, so I just decided to combine 4 and knock them off my list! I didn't do a great job, but oh well. When you have family and family commitments, that sometimes gets in the way of crafting! Oh well! I won't have little kids forever!
So, here's the card.

Here are the challenges:
1. Create a scene
2. Stitch
3. sketch
4. bold, bright colors.

Hopefully I created a scene worthy of the challenge. Of course, when children go to the park, you can literally envision popcorn, snowcones and junk food circling their head as they stare in a daze at all the awesome treats and rides that parks have to offer!

And I know, you don't have to tell me, don't quit your day job, or your regular stamping! The stitching is NOT that wonderful! Which is why I refuse to buy a sewing machine. Not only do I not have room in my stamp room for one, but I just know that sewing is not my forte.

I love sketch challenges! I love how different each sketch is. This one is no different! Now, had I had more time, and I still have the rest of the week to do so, I can create something a little nicer. But, I was trying to make it fun! Because I like fun cards! I make enough boring, subtle cards, it's nice to just have fun w/ one!

Bold Brights are quickly becoming my favorite! Well, my alltime favorite color is Tempting Turquoise. I like almost all of the colors, but I love that one most of all! So, I had to include that color when designing this card!

So, hopefully this card is fun and bright and you like it!

Thanks for stopping by!
It's summer! Go to the park!
Happy Stamping!!!

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