Friday, August 21, 2009

I can't forget Jack and Olivia!

Aha! I caught a picture of Jack! Finally! After several pictures of the back of his head, I finally got a good shot!

Don't you just love how Olivia accessorizes?! The cinderella pumps just complete the look!
Thera, she is really your niece! No one else would have that much hair stuff in her hair! Today she had 5 headbands on her head, and a bunch of elastics as bracelets going up her arms. She was such a beauty today! I, unfortunately, was folding clothes, and didn't have my camera....

"Um, yeah, 'Ms. THANG'!" Don't you walk away from me with THAT attitude! ;)

Jack playing in Mimi's pool!

Olivia must have needed some time to herself at Mimi's pool. She was pushing that stroller around all day. She must have been tired! Gotta love those Dora sunglasses though!

Jackson is 5 and going into 5 day preschool. Olivia is 3 and thinks she's going to Princess School. She's really going to 2 day preschool. When we had their checkups, she told the dr. that she was going to Princess School and Cinderella is going to be her teacher. Boy will she be upset when she goes on the first day of school!!!!! I'm gently letting her down about the Princess School. So, now she doesn't want to go to school at all. Great! I have my work cut out for me!


  1. hahahah my favorite kids EVER. you forgot pics of eliz!

  2. haha didnt realize eliz was further down the page. yay smetak babies!

  3. Erin, your kids are flippin' precious!! Jack looks just like you, and Olivia definitely has alot of your features as well. Especially that sassy attitude!! LOL Thanks so much for sharing the pictures - they truly speak to the little people that your kids are becoming. So much fun!!

  4. OK, so Tell Olivia that it is a SECRET Princess school, and the teacher cant tell people she is really Cinderella cuz then the class would be FULL of nosey people and there wouldnt be ANY work done... LOL

    LOVE the pic's!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE lil babies!!!!! **sigh** ENJOY them they grow FAST!!!!

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute! I just discovered these pics! They are adorable!


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