Saturday, November 21, 2009

Paper Cones! What fun!

Hello all! Today I am bragging about paper cone ornaments that I made my stamping buddies for Christmas! I was totally stressing about what to make for them. We had a gift exchange, where we drew names, but I just love my friends, and wanted to give them something sweet so they know that I truly appreciate their friendship!

I found this idea on Melissa Phillips' blog. She made a darling cone a few months ago... I originally wanted to make a 3-D tree from Kitchen Sink Stamps' new set Multi Step Pine Trees, but, after making 1, I knew it wasn't going to work. So, then I moved on to etching on the glass ornaments that I have been hoarding. Well, after that dried, I found that my images couldn't be detected. I used a bad stamp for stamping on glass. DUH! So, I sat here at my desk and just thought about some different ideas. Then I remembered Melissa Phillips showing paper cones (when you click on paper cones it will take you to her particular blog post where she featueres these said cones. Scroll down a bit to find the picture of them!), and really wanted to try something. Well, apparently I was meant to make these, because they turned out SO cute!

I, of course, went vintage. Big shocker there! LOL! But, really, aren't paper cones vintage anyway?! So, it works! The thing to remember though is, that when choosing paper for your cone, CHOOSE THIN PAPER! Thick paper likes to unwind and not want to be glued at a weird angle! God forbid! I searched for a template, because I couldn't figure out how to make one. I found one, and adapted it to what I needed to do, and went from there! Easy peasy! I will be posting a tutorial on it over at the AiFactory network tomorrow, so you can see how easy it is! And if you're a member of my family, you may not want to take a peek, because you could be getting one this year! LOL!

I would like to thank Melissa Phillips for the ongoing inspiration! Thank you for your wonderful ideas!


  1. These are wonderful, Erin! I've really enjoyed my visit!
    Happy day!

  2. AMAZING projects girl! I love the design!

  3. Erin - these are even more gorgeous in person & I'm soooo soooo happy that I have one of my own :) You are just so talented & I'm so glad we're friends....even if you think fruit w/faces is weird ;)

  4. Holy crap Erin - these are beautiful!! I'm soooo inspired! Excellent work!


  5. I Adore these Erin, What a great idea..... Am I getting one?

  6. i love how your able to make them cones look so antique like. if i made them they would look like a child did it lol

  7. These are too sweet. Love the embellishments, the chipboard, the lace, everything.


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