Sunday, November 1, 2009


Elizabeth - 4 months



I have a friend who lost a brother last year, and holds events for D.A.R.E. and she has a silent auction at these events. Another friend of mine and I went together to create some things for our friend's auction. She made the cards and I made the recipe box. So, sorry but here's another box! LOL!

These eyeglasses were made for a Crafty Secrets challenge on SCS that had to do w/ masquerades. Well, I don't think that I own any masks, and I didn't think that those ladies would appreciate the masking technique for this particular challenge! I think I'm the only one that thought that was funny.... Anyway, so I took a pair of Olivia's sunglasses that I knew she wouldn't mind "sharing" w/ her momma! She told me herself that that would be fine if I took that pair. She still has all the princesses sunglasses, so I think she's good! LOL! Anyway, I used my son's black paint from another project to paint these once pink glasses! I stamped the cobwebs onto acetate and then cut them out! The cobwebs are from Halloween Fun from Crafty Secrets. The ribbon is from the Halloween bundle from MFT. The long "arm" of the glasses is from a Party Lite thing that I will never use. So, I put it to good use! I put Prima flowers in the corners to dress them up and hide all the tape and glue that is holding that "arm" in place! I put bat brads in the corner flowers to draw attention to that detail than to what the flowers are hiding.

And a closeup!
Well kids, that's all! I'm whipped! Seems like I've been doing Halloween all week!


  1. Erin - the kids & their costumes are sooooo cute!! Hope you guys had a great Halloween.

    also...I love those glasses!!! What a great idea & they look fab :)

  2. Your kids are SOOOOO cute! And those glasses are amazing! You are sooo crafty!

  3. Okay, do you have the cutest kids in the world or what?!! Olivia and Jack are so darling - and Elizabeth - well, she's just about the cutest little dragon I've ever seen!!

    That's so nice of you to make that darling recipe box for your friend's charity - no doubt they'll get a lot of moolah for that one, sistah - too freakin' cute for words! Love the DP that you used!!

    And could you be more creative to decorate Olivia's sunglasses to make a mask - where te heck do you get these ideas, girl?!! Amazing!!

  4. Hi Erin. What a clever idea for the Maskquerade challenge!! Too cute! Those kido's are adorable.

  5. Soooooo cute and beautiful kids!!!
    They look lovely in their Halloween costumes! Elizabeth is a little baby... how cute! Olivia and Jack are little too... you´re lucky to have these nice babies ;)

    Great recipes box and glasses Erin! ;)


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