Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crafty Secrets Witchy Treats!

Hello my crafty friends! It's another week of Crafty Secrets goodness! And a treat! I am getting my Halloween treats together for this whirlwind weekend starting today (Thursday) and ending Sat. night! It actually started last night w/ our town's Halloween Parade. Oh my there were some cool costumes! Two girls dressed up like they were on a roller coaster! And every so often, they would bend over and bend back screaming like they were really on the ride! What imagination!!!!! Someone else was actually dressed up as a door! Ok! My kids dressed up as a knight, a princess and a dragon. We even decorated the stroller! I had (paper)fire coming out of the front window, however, weather doused those flames! I'll post pictures on Friday before Trick or Treating!

Ok, back to my project! So, if you follow my blog, you know that I post something for ABC Toys and Crafts every Thursday. Well, in preparing for Thursday's craft of the week, I thought and thought about what I could do. I'm tired of making cards all the time. People need to see other stuff! And my husband had purchased a whole tub of Double Bubble Bubble Gum for my cousin for her Halloween treat. Well, she's only 8, there's no way she's eating a whole tub of bubble gum! Plus w/ all the other candy she's going to get! So, I decided to make a treat box for her and just give her a PORTION of the bubble gum! Then, I get to keep the rest! LOL!

So, I made a 2-5-7-10 box out of acetate and decorated it. The image of the little witch is from Halloween Fun by Crafty Secrets. As well as the spider web. Can you see it? I used StazOn for that, and I think my pad is drying out. :( The top of the box features two Marth Stewart punches that you can find in the ABC Toys and Crafts store, along w/ Halloween Fun; the spider web and bat punches! They are awesome! And what's so cool about the spider web punch is that Martha came out w/ a corner punch to complete the look! How nifty is that?!

Well, now that I have inspired you to go to ABC Toys and Crafts to get those punches: you better get over there!!!!!

Have a happy and safe Halloween my friends!


  1. Such a cute gift box for the gum, Erin! Great idea--she'll love it! This is my favorite little witch...well done!

  2. Amazing treat box Erin! I love it!

    If you take photos of your kids and your decorated house I want to see them please! It sounds really funny :)

  3. Love this! I love the box and that little witch reminds me sooo much of you. HE HE. She's very cute! HA! Love the MS punch. Because of you, I just bought one (not that one but one, well 2 actually). :-)

    Love it!

    I agree with Elizabeth... want pics!

  4. Apparently Kevin wanted to pay for your cousin's dental bill, huh?!! LOL OMG, Erin I just love that sweet little vintagy witch - could she be any cuter! Great idea for the treat box. I love that you did an ABC project (get it? - anything but a card! LOL) Oh, and P.S., you're just as creative as two dumb girls dressed up as a roller coaster. Although I have to admit that's pretty darned creative!! Miss you girlie!!


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