Thursday, October 15, 2009

Disco Diva-licious!

I had so much fun w/ this week's So You Think You Can Stamp challenge: DISCO! I went my usual over the top, but how could I NOT???!!!!!! I started w/ Party Girl (from MFT) and my disco floor that I made myself using Copics! Justine, what do you think of my floor???!!! She and I are always talking about shading w/ Copics and what a hard time we have w/ that technique! LOL! Anyway, then I was going to make a card and be like everyone else, and then I decided to make a box, and this is what happened! I got so far yesterday and then I just had to walk away. I couldn't figure out what to do w/ the bottom. Then, I sat down after dinner tonight and figured it out! Of course, you can't see it very well, but I have a psychodelic (sp?) sign on the bottom. Maybe if you can click on the photo and look closer, you can see it! I "stole" the idea from something that I saw when I googled images for Disco signs. Isn't the internet amazing???!!!!!

I used a fake sugared berry for my disco ball. I had to have a real ball. Unfortunately, it's not silver like I liked, but whatever. I attached it to a paper clip and let it hang from the top. I rolled the berry in versarmark and then poured Kaleidoscope e.p. over it and heated it. Then I poured Dazzling Diamonds over it while it was still hot to kind of adhere it. It is more sparkly than it was! LOL!

I have Ms. Party Girl freestanding w/ the help of a paperclip! Boy do those come in handy!!!! I have it behind her flailing arm!

I put buttons down the sides to act as lights. I don't know if it really works, but the walls were boring!!! I had to put SOMETHING there!

The light covers on the bottom are metal sheets punched out and run through the xyron. I poured microbeads over the sticky sides, and adhered to the stage. I also put Christmas tree lights up through the stage floor so the stage would be lit up!

The disco floor is my absolute FAVORITE part of this whole project! It looks just like that floor from that John Travolta movie! I think! I could be thinking of Pulp Fiction (terrible movie!).... Anyway, wherever it's from, when I think of disco, I think of this floor! I colored it w/ Copics and then put Crystal Effects all over it to make it shiny.

The next favorite thing of mine is my sign on the bottom! Disco Diva! I used "Groovy Letters" stencils to make that!

This was a very fun projec to work on! This will go on my bookshelf along w/ all of my other 3-D items that I have created over the years!

Have a STAMPTASTIC day!!!


  1. shake your groove thing, chica!! can't decide what I like the best - the disco ball or the floor...I can picture the square lighting up :)

    Love it!!

  2. love the floor too, and how good it looks in 3-d. she is pretty scantily clad for the disco!?!?

  3. well I think it ROCKS!!! And I would vote for you

  4. WOW! Amazing! I love it! It does look 3D! You rocked this one!

  5. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this very fun creation and how funny was it that while on the phone, the first thing I said was OOOOOOO look at that floor. Guess you knew what I would be drawn to. You did a tremendous job Erin

  6. WOW!!! I´m really impressed with your great work! very well done ;)


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