Saturday, November 13, 2010

A few cards for donation

For my son's fundraiser, in addition to a recipe box (previous post), I also made a set of cards.  After I made these few, I found a box of cards that I had made last year at this time and forgot about!  So, I added to these cards and that made my 8!  I was just too tired to make 2 more! 

I tried to make each one different.

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  1. These are all sooo very pretty, Erin, but that Best Wishes vintagey one....LOVE that one especially!

  2. Gorgeous! Great donation! If I was the one collecting them, I'd probably heist these along with the recipe box. LOL. I am SO bad. Good thing I don't handle donations...

  3. How wonderful and generous are you. These are beautiful Erin

  4. Wow, what beautiful cards! Hope you raise lots of $$$.

  5. These cards are beautiful. Hope you raise a lot of money!!


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