Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vegetable Recipe Box

Ok, THIS is my favorite recipe box!  LOL!  I can't lie, I love all of them!  Each are unique and different!  This one is just like that!  I started out by looking at kitchen wallpaper (where the beans came from), and then I got the idea that I wanted REAL looking vegetables to decorate the top.  And when I can't find a stamp, I create the images myself.  So, all the vegetables are hand drawn by me, and colored to imitate real vegetables!  I think the radishes are my favorite, w/ the carrots and eggplant a close second!  Corn is really hard to draw!  All those kernels!
The pea pods are from the MFT set Alpha Dots.  Don't they look just like little peas?!

Overall view

Front!  When I was looking at the wallpaper, there was a sample that had the grid but it had ivy on it.  I felt that if I put that on here, then my beans would get lost!  So, I created my own grid w/ Creamy Caramel ink, strips of paper, and vanilla cardstock.

closeup of the top.  I used a Copic for the lines on the carrots.  I used a white gel pen for the veins on the leaves of the radishes.  All the other colors used are SU! and I used a sponge for all of it.

closeup of top and front.

Here's a look at the inside.  Not as exciting as the outside!

And a last view of the top as a whole.

Whomever wins this, I hope you enjoy it!  I thoroughly enjoyed making this!


  1. this looks fantastic er!! one of my favorites too!! although, with a veggie theme, you should call it "RECIPEAS"

  2. WOW! Another amazing recipe box! This one looks good enough to eat! LOL, love Thera's idea! Cute! But this is seriously gorgeous!

  3. ARE!YOU!SERIOUS!!!!!!! You hand drew all of those veggies!!!!! ????? ERIN!!!! WHAT the heck are you doing BUYING Stamps??? Get your stinkin hiney to drawing them and then pimp those babies out to companies!!!! Sheesh!!!! Those are STINKIN AMAZING... and SO totally your style!!!! GIRL GET REAL!!!!!! LOOOVE all the details with the gel pen, copic shading, "peas"... SIGH!!!! LOVE THIS!!!!


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