Friday, March 11, 2011

A framed scrapbook page

My cousin is getting married tomorrow, and I wanted to make her something special that she can hang in her home.  I don't usually go all fancy, but now that I have discovered Swirlydoos, I might just have to change my scrapbooking ways!  I bought a scrapbooking kit from Swirlydoos last month and have been saving it for this particular project.  This past week I sat down to work on it.  Nothing like waiting til the last minute!

The kit can be found HERE and lists all of the ingredients!  Fun fun stuff!!!!  I was so excited and happy with this first kit, I bought another one, and then I purchased a 6 month subscription!  Now I'm guaranteed to get one each and every month!

Now on w/ the project!

I took part of a sketch that was in their newsletter that they included in the kit and switched it up a little.  I had to make it mine. 

This is a picture of it at an angle so that you don't see the glare of the glass.

Gina and Michael:  Best wishes to you both!  I love you both and I hope you have a fantastic and wonderful marriage!  Love ya!!

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  1. I love your frame Erin! I keep thinking I want to take the time to do something like this.


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