Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yo ho, Yo ho, a Pirate's Life For Me!

Hello, all ye landlubbers!  If'n ye weren't on the VSN ship, did ye miss the boat?!  Were ye at the dock on time?  We had ourselves a jolly good time!  Ye still have time to play, til 8pm EST, Monday, May 23rd, so get stampin' already!  Waddya waitin' fer?!
If'n ye don't feel like partyin' on the ship and just be a lazy pirate, then, settle on down fer I've got some treasure that I found tonight!  Do ya gots yer rum to drink?  Good, let's get goin'!

The first challenge of the night was a color challenge.  That was all well and good....til I saw the color combination!  Me eyes almost went blind, the sample for the challenge was SO good!  So, I started working on me own card, and then me eyes almost went blind again!  From the brightness of me card!  Me thinks I need some sun blockers over me eyes!  Take a look for yerself!  Beware!

See, that green is BRIGHT!  Yikes!  'Ere's some details on this card:
Stamps: KSS Hibiscus, Starburst by Making Memories Great Escape; Paper: Green Galore, white, kraft; Ink: Bermuda Bay, Green Galore, So Saffron; Embellishments: Oriental Weaving embossing folder, Spellbinders, MFT Jumbo Scallop Die-namics

The second challenge was to hide somethin'.  Well, that be easy, since I'm always hiding me treasure from thieverin' scallywags.  I just have to always remember the last place I hid it!  Can you find me buried treasure?  I think the scurvy's got me and me memory's going out to sea.

You found it!  Thank ye, lad!  I've been lookin' fer that ruby bracelet!  I need to trade that in fer some spices on me next journey to the Orient.
Stamps: Do the Hula leaves and pink hibiscus; hand drawn palm tree and treasure chest; Paper: kraft, white; Ink: copics, blue and brown sponging for sky and sand, gold gel metallic pen, Creative Memories brown journaling pen, white Spica pen, red stickles

The next challenge was to make something w/ Aaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh.  Sorry there laddy, I got carried away.  I meant, the letter "R".  We had to make a card featurin' 3 things.  So, I made a list.  I could only come up with 3 things.  Me rum, which is me favorite and I won't be sharin', so don't ask!  Me ruby broach necklace.  Again, I won't be sharin' me jewelry.  Ye might like it too much and steal it!  And me bandana.  Nothin's better than wearin' a bandana and an eye patch!  Even if ye gots both eyes a workin'!
 This one's pretty self exlanatory, so unless ye only got 1 eye, I'll not be explainin' it to ya.

This challenge was me own!  I love when I can get me fellow shipmates motivated to do a little work around me ship.  I do like a ship-shape ship, ya know.  If we hit high seas, I don't want to be losin' any freight cause it ain't been put away right!  Less money in me pocket, and that means a mean pirate be had!  Arrgghh!!!
 Me challenge was to create a "X" (criss cross) card.  I always like to bury me treasure near a natural x like two trees criss crossin', because who knows who be walkin' the beaches and mess up me x in the sand? 
Stamps: The Open Seas; Paper: The Open Seas, Ink: Printer ink, copics; Other: linen thread

Arrrrggghhh, this be the last challenge.  This treasure I be bringin' up be pretty darn boring.  Oh well.  I can still trade with the Orient.  I might get last year's spices instead of this year's spices, but that's ok!
The challenge was to use a boat image or beach image.  Whilst I love the beaches, I live fer the sea.  The best sea farin' is when it's gray and cloudy.  Not that I don't like me sun.  It's just that I don't have to squint me eyes, or sweat from the heat, or get all red and blushy because I'm sailin' me ship.  So, this is what I created.
The beads on the side are inspiration from me fellow pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow.  Hanging from his hair are several beads, and I thought to add them to this card so it's not completely boring and a deep snooze!
Stamps: The Open Seas; Paper: Basic Gray, Bordering Blue, white; Other: linen thread, Spellbinders, assorted beads.

That be it from this end of the port bow.  You might want to go starboard side to see the rest of crew and their creations. and look up VSN Stamp Night in the forums.
Good day to ye, laddies!  Keep your eye on the main sail and the horizon, ye dirty swashbuckler!

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  1. WOW Erin these are all great!! BUT I LOVE that Hibiscus card - the colors are so gorgeous and great design!! Lovely lovely! :)


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