Monday, July 11, 2011

Kitchen Sink Goodies! - a public service announcement to multi step stampers

OMG, I just HAVE to share!  Kitchen Sink Stamps has come out w/ some VERY awesome stamp sets and a new way to store those awesome sets!!!!  You have to check them out HERE!!! Such fun sets that you cannot live without!  And the cases are perfect!  You can fit 4 small sets in one!  Or a large set, and two small sets.  Or 2 large sets.  Or, 2 medium size sets and a small set.  Or....... Think of all the possibilities and SPACE you'll save now!!!!  And your collection will be so nice and organized!
AND, if you go to one of the design team blogs, they have a code that you can use and get 10% off!!!!  Even MORE incentive to stop over at the 'sink and grab up some goodies!!!!

Have a great day!
Now back to your regularly scheduled program!

This is not a Kitchen Sink Stamps promotion.  This is purely my own doing, based on the enthusiasm that I hold for Kitchen Sink Stamps!

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