Friday, July 8, 2011

A VERY Belated Father's Day gift!

As you've probably guessed from recent posts of mine that I'm ALWAYS behind the 8 ball!  Well, just recently, as the summer picks up w/ stuff going on, trips to take, and the ever pressing swimming to do!  ;)  So, the crafting takes a back seat.

I had a shadow box in my hoard of alterables for quite a while now.  Just waiting to be used.  I looked at it one day and decided I was going to use it for my dad.  On Father's Day, we went over to my parents to swim, and before we left, I took a picture w/ him w/ each of my kids.  I FINALLY got the pictures developed and then they sat!  Finally, I had enough time to at least get started.  Just around that time, SVG Cuts came out w/ 3-D letters.  I'm ALL about 3-D anything, so this was totally up my alley!  And it was the perfect thing to add to this shadow box!

On a recent trip to OH for Stamping Around OH, my friend Wendy and I stopped at Archiver's and Hobby Lobby where I stocked up on Graphic45, Crate Paper, Bo Bunny, etc.  All vintage papers!  I was, and still am, in heaven!!!!  And I figured out that it's cheaper to get the individual sheets as opposed to the kits that you get.  Because I don't do stickers, and all the other stuff that they put in there.  I just want the paper to do w/ what I want.  I really did well that trip! Money wise!  I even had money in my pocket when I got home!  RARE!  Let me tell you! 

Anyway, so I used some of my new papers in here!  The calligraphy that you see at the top of the Time Book sheet and the ticket saying "Happy Father's Day" is my own.  I listed each one of my children, and then put a check mark under the appropriate number that reflects their ages as of May, 2011.  (In June, they all had a birthday!)  I did a little stenciling (never done before!) to add some graphics and spice it up a bit!  I'm not as good as the experts, but it's my first time!  And now I know I need to start looking at purchasing more stencils!  LOL!  The hardware is all from Tim Holtz.

And here's a closeup of the letters so you can see how they really POP!

I can't wait to give this to him!  He's going to love it!  (He's a huge fan of my work!)  My husband loves it so much that HE wants one for his office!  Better get to work now, or he won't get it til next summer!!!!  Hahahaha!  ;D

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  1. This is awesome! I love it! You make me want to craft again! :-)


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