Friday, September 16, 2016

Some new cards!

I recently gave away some of my SU! sets to my cousin who has taken up cardmaking to boost her variety.  Plus, I wasn't using them anyway!  After leafing through my binders full of SU! stamps, memories of cards and working at my desk started swirling around in my head.  When I made cards all the time, I was always online and I had a blast!  Then, my attention focused on other things, and the cards fell by the wayside.  I only have really been making cards since that time when necessary.  And even then, I have been known to buy a card instead of pulling all of my stuff out!

Well, a friend of mine just posted about baskets that she is collecting for an event that her son is participating in.  And I told her that I would submit a basket.  A basket of cards!

I had an absolute BLAST using my SU! stamps!!!!!!  LOVE!!!!!!  I definitely need to continue using my stamps!  I have them, why not use them????!!!!!

I made 8 cards.  I am not posting all of the ingredients.  Just pics of the cards.

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Stamping!!!

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