Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Two new recipe boxes!

This past week I have been busy making two recipe boxes.  One for a friend, and one for sale!  Whoo hooo!  Finally, I am FINALLY selling my recipe boxes!

Anyway, the first box is for a friend for her birthday last month.  At the end of the month, it finally dawned on me how to make her box.  She likes to garden, according to her blog posts, so, I went in that direction!

I used My Favorite Things Can You Dig It? and Garden of Joy (shovel) for this.  The letters are from Inkadinkado (I think...).  I drew and cut out my fence, drew the fields in the distance, and made my own clouds.  The sun is a punched circle.

Here's the full view of the front and top of the recipe box.

Here's a close up of the front.  Everything is wallpaper!!!!

Here's the top, far away.  I don't know why this pic wasn't cropped....
The apples are Kitchen Sink Stamps apples, and the letters are from Crafty Secrets Adore Alphabet.

Here's a close up of the Red Apples.

And a close up of the green apples.

These boxes just turned out SO cute!  My husband said that the apple box was the best I've ever made!  Hmm, that's saying something!



  1. Wow Erin, you are the QUEEN of these amazing boxes. Do they come complete with some of your yummo recipes"? The MFT one is really cool. I had to just sit here and start at all of the fun details. Is it for a challenge?
    It has been forever!!!!
    Dave leaves again on Wed and I will have until the 23rd before I have to start the crazy packing.

  2. These are so cute, the apple themed one is my favorite! As for your glue question with Flower Soft. Flower Soft sells a tiny bottle of the glue with a tiny tip. Do you have that? I think that is the secret, the tiny tip allows you to get in tiny areas. Once you have one of their bottles you can refill it from a larger bottle you would pick up at M's, etc.

  3. How freakin' cool are those boxes! Wish I had a fraction of your creativity. I love the apple one as well, it looks eadible in itself :D

  4. beautiful recipe files, almost makes me want to cook. almost...

  5. Woo-Hoo...did you open an online shop? Vintage is all the rage. You could sell your cards too!


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