Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Berry Special Clipboard!

My daughter was in the 3 yr. old preschool program this year.  And every day that I took her, every Tuesday and Thursday, she would cry and carry on like I was leaving her forever.  Well, it was all an act because as soon as I was gone, she would stop crying and go and play w/ her friends.  But before I left she would cry - no tears, mind you -  and hook onto me like a leech and never come off!  The teacher had to pry her off of me!  EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY!  Except my birthday!  She actually went in with a cool head and went right to the table after kissing me goodbye!  Shock and awe!  So, anyway, I wanted to make something special for her teacher since she had to put up w/ my daughter's dramatic theatrics every day!  And I don't know her style, as she is always picking up her kids and taking them to this, that and the other thing.  So, I get the feeling that she doesn't have a whole lot of time for herself.  And I know that every teacher has every apple thing known to man kind, so I thought I would do berries instead!

The berries are from Kitchen Sink Stamps' Berries and the peach is from KSS Peaches.  The white c/s w/ blue (Pacific Blue!) and green stripes: stripes are from KSS Plaid Plus.  LOVE that set!!!  Totally a keeper!!  The green paper is from Jenni Bowlin's Core'dinations Cardstock stack.  LOVE that paper!  LOL!

Enjoy your weekend!
Have a STAMPASTIC day!!!


  1. LOL!!! That teacher deserves a BLUE RIBBON... this clipboard does too!!!!! Great project Erin!!!!

    Miss ya! Hugs, kj

  2. Awesome! The fruit are stamped? They look so cool. I SO need to borrow some of your stamps. And my 3year old can be quite the drama queen too. Don't know where she gets it from! :)

  3. Wonderful use of the KSS Stamps for your clipboard! I'm sure the teacher loved it! Thanks for stopping by my blog - the folder I used was indeed Tim Holtz, it's from his new alteration line but out by Sizzix.

  4. This is gorgeous Erin!! No matter what her style, she'll love this!

  5. This is so pretty!! my 5yr old had a few days like that this year too! i'm sure the teacher loves this!


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