Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting ready for the 4th of July!

So, in less than a month, our country will celebrate the 4th of July!  What an exciting time!!!  My family and I LOVE celebrating the 4th in Washington, DC!  We love walking around the Smithsonians, visiting the Capital Building and other sites.  This year we are going to go and visit Mt. Vernon for the first time!  My son has become quite attached to Pres. George Washington.  Everything he learns turns into a pop quiz for my husband and I!  And he LOVES it when we answer incorrectly!  He wants to be smarter than us!  What kid doesn't?!  So, we are going to Mt. Vernon for him!  Plus, my husband and I are history buffs, so going there is right up our alley!

ANYWAY, Vintage Image Crafts has a new challenge up where you are to make something patriotic using their digital vintage images.  They have freebees as well as pages of images that you can purchase for a very low price!  Very reasonable!
I picked up this Uncle Sam image and when I printed it out, I didn't realize it was going to be quite so tall!  So, I cut him out and then stood him on my desk for the rest of the day, not really knowing what to do with something that tall!!!!  The next day, my idea came to me!  I'll just decorate a pencil holder!  Actually this is a set of 3 cups w/ lids that came in a nice case, all boy motif.  It was for my son when he was born, but we never really used it, as his room is red, white and blue (go figure!), and these cups were yellow and orange, and soft subtle colors.  So, they have been in my "someday I'm going to use this" pile! 
I took the outfit of Uncle Sam to use as my inspiration for the rest of the cup, as I wanted it all to go together!
What do you think?!  I actually am using this as my new cup!  As luck would have it, the cup I HAD been using suddenly broke in half when I tried to jam just ONE MORE PEN in the mix!  So, perfect timing!!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a STAMPTASTIC day!!!


  1. Wow if I still lived up in MD I could see you on the 4th!

    I love this! So vintagey and crafty!

  2. Erin - just letting you know we visited your blog and LOVE the photos of Uncle Sam guarding your pencils. Good luck in the VIC Patriotic Creative Challenge! Scott & Martin

  3. This is FUN. Love your attention to details. You left no stone or (part of your project), unfinished. Great job. You know I love me some little mans

  4. way cool! LOVE the vintage Uncle Sam- this is fab!


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