Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get well card for a friend

Yesterday evening my family and I went to visit a friend of ours who is recovering from having surgery, removing many cancerous masses all through his body.  He and his wife have been through quite a lot lately, and we just wanted to call on them and let them know that we are here if they need anything.  Since we were visiting, I thought I would make a quick card.  I was watching my kids play across the street today w/ the neighbor kids, and was just messing around w/ Kitchen Sink Stamps' Winter Cardinals.  Maria, from KSS, had made a card on her blog using blues to make a bluejay!  I LOVED it and the image stuck w/ me, and so I attempted to make my own!

Here is the full card.

And here's a closeup of the bird.

Here's my recipe:
Bluejay:  3. Onyx Black, 2. Paris Dusk, 1. Paris Dusk s.o. and wipe the beak and talons clean and ink the beak w/ the tip of Dandelion, and the talons w/ Onyx Black, 4. Onyx Black
Branch: 1. Cottage Ivy, 2. Olympia Green, 3. Rich Cocoa

Have a STAMPSTASTIC day!!!


  1. Amazing girlfriend! I am sure he will enjoy the card. Nice that you got to visit!

  2. Just love the him in blues Erin! Email me when you get a chance, I didn't see a "contact" me on your home page.

  3. oh Erin- this is just gorgeous and sure to lift his spirits!


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