Friday, June 25, 2010

Time for another recipe box! LOL!

Another thing I've been working on are some recipe boxes that I'm going to be selling!  I'm so excited about the prospect of selling my wares, however, I'm a little worried that they won't sell.  Because history has shown that things that I create that I love, no one else cares about.  So, I'm trying to be neutral and doing my very best and hoping that that will be enough to sell and make a name for myself.  Cross your fingers!  Mine are!

So, this recipe box that I have created here uses a color that I have hated since the beginning of my love affair with Stampin' Up!.  Taken With Teal.  I think it's a very loud color, and no matter what, I could not find a color that would be compatible with it.  Until now.  I have learned that when the ink has dried, the color that is left is a very soft subtle color.  It worked WONDERFULLY with the Linen Closet (DCWV) paper that I chose to go on this box.  I used the Daisy from Kitchen Sink Stamps, and a flower from Garden Silhouettes (retired SU! hostess) for the front and top.  And I used a die from My Favorite Things, and I have discovered just how versatile it is!

Have you purchased the new Ric Rac die from My Favorite Things?  Together w/ the grosgrain die, you can make ribbon to match EVERY SINGLE PROJECT using paper!  AWESOME!!!!!  Ok, so anyway, with the ric rac die, you can cut your paper w/ the die and use that exact size, OR (my favorite word!), you can move the die so that one side is in the middle of the paper you just cut, and split it in two!  So, you have two smaller pieces of ric rac!  AND, you can also use the negative part of the die, the sides to create a completely different look!  That's what I did on the TOP of this box!  Take a look!  On the back of the top, I did this, and then decorated w/ that garden flower and daisy again.  And if you look on the inside, I used smaller pieces of ric rac to add a little character and detail to each label!  Do you see what I'm trying to say?
I also used My Favorite Things Scallop Edge as well on the bottom of the front of the box!  Another AWESOME die that I just could not live without!  Hahahaha!

And there you have it!  I'm a changed stamper, now that I have discovered Taken W/ Teal again!  I'm telling you, I gave my TWT c/s away, and I gave my ink pad to my daughter because I was SO not ever using that color!  The ink pad has now been given a place of honor w/ the rest of my ink pads!  LOL!
My friend Wendy LOVES this color, and actually has her living room and kitchen painted TWT, and it looks SO nice!  So, now I finally see why she loves this color!  And is sad to see it leave the SU! color family.

Have a STAMPTASTIC day!!!


  1. That's gorgeous Erin!! Really spectacular!!!

  2. Okay, now you've gone and done it - you've succeeded in blowing me away AGAIN!! How the heck do you do that?! Girl, this by far is my absolute favorite recipe box you've made - except mine, of course. LOL I adore the color scheme, the ric rac (I'm obsessed with this stuff, too) and all the scallops. OMG!! I especially like the inside tabs - so cute! P.S. You need to stop being so self-deprecating. YOU ARE A TALENTED CRAFTER!! How many times do I have to tell you that!! These will sell! In fact, I predict that they will sell like hotcakes. But I really think you need to submit this one for publication. Do it!

  3. My fingers are crossed for you. My eyes too! Your recipe boxes are fab, they will sell.

  4. This is another AMAZING box girl! I love the hint on the ric rac die! I need one of those!!!

    These are amazing! You will do well! Go for it!

  5. Erin, You do beautiful work....let "it" speak for itself!
    Stop being negative. Don't worry, your spotlight in the stamp/craft world is slowly lighting up! Love, Mom
    PS Really love this box!


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