Thursday, January 24, 2013

Scrapbooking like CRAZY!

I can't believe it, but I have created more pages within the past 2 weeks than I made within the past 2 years! Amazing! I have created 2 pages for the Swirlydoos contest going on right now; 1 page for eclectic Paperie; and I completed 3 pages while at a scrapbooking fundraiser for 2 days! Wahoo!

 If you're a regular, then you probably have seen my 3 pages for Swirlydoos and eP.  Now I will show you the 3 pages I completed last weekend!

 This first page is of Elizabeth on the day she was born! I don't normally work w/ a sketch, and didn't for this one.  It's hard when you're getting used to creating w/ one picture, to try to incorporate two!  I think I achieved a level of elegance without it being too much.  My mom loved it, so that's always a plus, as she's a co-star on this page!

 This is when we went fishing at my dad's friend's pond the spring before Elizabeth was born.  I, of course, just sat and read my book and took a few token pictures to acknowledge that we did go fishing as a family!  So, I paid homage to that little fishing trip!  And looking back, it was fun!
 This picture of Jack just takes my breath away!  I really enjoy scrapping pictures of Jack because he's a boy and I love to do frilly, frou frou pages, so he forces me to think outside the box and get masculine!  Haha!
I think I achieved that look here! 

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  1. And your work takes my breath away.......always your proud mom!

  2. lovely lovely lovely.. :)


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