Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wacky Wednesday!

Hi there!  Today I would just like to share with you a card I made for the teachers at Olivia's school.  I am co-chair of Teacher Appreciation/Hospitality this year.  And since I'm a crafty girl, I had to get my craftiness on!  I decorated each teacher's door (there are only 6 teachers, so it wasn't a LOT of work, but still took plenty of time!), and w/ the help of the other co-chair, came up w/ a menu and gift ideas for the teachers throughout the week!  It's a fun week, and I'm so excited that the teachers love what we are doing for them!  It makes all the hard work worth it!

So, today is Wednesday, and since our theme for Teacher Appreciation is Dr. Seuss, I made them Wacky Wednesday cards!  Just to let them know how much we value them!  And to thank them for keeping learning fun this year for our kids!  I also decorated the teacher's lounge w/ a shoe on the wall and a shoe on the ceiling!

Now, this is a not so great picture, because I actually forgot to take a picture this morning before I dragged everyone to school!  So, this was taken in Olivia's classroom. 
When I was thinking about what I could do, I started reading Wacky Wednesday, and took some ideas!  The girl w/out  legs, I exchanged for no head!  Which this is a perfect use for an MFT WTG!  I used MFT's City Skyline die, cut a building out and adhered it above the grass.  I stamped a shoe from one of the sets, WTG Window Shopping maybe?  And then I die cut giraffes from Lisa Johnson's Circus set, but drew the face and spots.  I drew the manhole, and cut it out.  I glued the giraffe in place, and then black c/s behind it so it looks like he's really popping out of a manhole! 

I even put the card together backwards and upside down!  What fun!  The teachers thought they were cute and funny!  Perfect reaction and exactly what I was hoping for!

To see the door decorations for each teacher, check out my post on the eclectic Paperie blog!

Hope your Wednesday is Wonderfully Wacky!

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