Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sketch layout

Hi there!  Today I would like to share a quick layout that I started earlier this week, and finally finished this morning!

I am a part of a facebook group where a sketch is posted each week.  It's just a motivator and a way to get scrappin'!

I participated in last week's sketch, so here it is!  This week's was just posted yesterday, so I'm still ok!  LOL!

I am completely in love with the Bo Bunny line Country Garden!  I'm using the heck out of this paper!

I followed the sketch very closely, which I don't always do.  Sometimes I get an idea in my head and go off on a tangent.  But, I have more ideas for future pages, so I just wanted to get this one done!  Esp. since I had been looking at the pictures that I had chosen earlier in the week for a few days, ready to be placed on a page!

I doodled the date and title for this page.  I didn't feel like cutting letters out, or using stencils to create my lettering.  I'm pulling a Julie Fei-Fan Balzer!  I love how she can just start writing and it's considered art!  I want to be like her!  LOL!  My writing is very blocky and boring, but that's ok!

I used joint compound for the chevrons, and my Donna Downey chevron stencil.  It's bigger than what the sketch called for, but that's all I had, and it looks fine!  

In the sketch, it looks like there are mini dew drops on top of paper buttons.  Well, I have more buttons than I know what to do with, so I added real buttons and I can't believe my good luck, but I didn't throw out my dew drops that I got a zillion years ago!  Ok, maybe 4 years to be exact.  But, I still had them!  I added them all around the page to act like actual dew drops.  See, the picture is taken in front of the Aquarium at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach.  Plus, we're at the beach.  Sun, sand, and ......water!  Are you getting my line of reasoning???!!!!

So, that's it!  I'm off to start another page!

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  1. I just love the look of layering and embellishing of scrapping - - you are inspiring me to delve deeper into this art, Miss Erin! You have memorialized your family in art so beautifully! Lovely :)


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