Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Boy is it dusty in here!

Wow!  February was my last post!  Probably the last time that I did anything of mine.  For a while there, I was caught up in doing things for the store I worked for, and all of my stuff was put to the side.  I have since quit because of that fact, and now have time to create for ME!  Yay!

What shall I show you today?  Well, let's take a look through my camera and see what I've been creating since February!

First up, my oldest daughter's Valentine box!  It's a Lemonade Stand!  Isn't it so cute?!  I had such fun creating that with her!

What's next?!  My son played Minors baseball this spring season and their All Star team won the Regional Championship!!!!  I made ALL STAR stars for all of the players!  It was a fun time!

September brought the beginning of school and with that, new grades and a new child entering school!  Everyone on Pinterest and facebook have their chalkboard signs that their darling little ones hold up.  I decided to be a rebel once again and create something completely different!  When we moved into our house last year, I didn't have a place for my mini Christmas tree that was in my old craft room.  So, I put it in a lonely corner in my kitchen and have decorated it throughout the year.  I decided to decorate it for the beginning of school this season!  I have buses, apples and rulers as ornaments and then each of my kids' grade levels as a topper!

That's it so far!  On to the next post!  Lots more pictures!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hopefully I won't be a stranger to my blog anymore!  I signed up for Lifebook w/ Tamara LaPorte for 2016, and I would like to post my creations on here each week!  We'll see how well I do!  LOL!

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