Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Spooky Halloween!

Ah, finally, I am right where I need to be, timewise!  Halloween is coming up in a few days, and so this post is perfect!  Last Friday evening, we hosted a Halloween party for our daughters and their friends.  It was a fun evening filled with screams, laughter and karaoke!
I went Pinteresting and found a few recipes I wanted to try!  And I decorated as well!  And then I decided to keep the decorations and move them into the house from the garage where we held the party!  I had been in search since we moved into our house, for a table for our foyer.  Luckily, since my brother is getting married, he is getting a new table and chairs, and I was able to take his other table off of his hands!  It's a perfect fit for all of the decorations throughout the year that I plan on putting on there!

Have a WONDERFUL Halloween!

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