Thursday, October 4, 2007

Halloween Wreath

Ok, below is a picture of a Halloween wreath my friends and I made this past weekend. I took the pictures at 8:00am on Saturday morning. The fog was a PERFECT backdrop for these SPOOKY pictures!!! We had so much fun making this wreath!!!! Can't wait to do one for Christmas!


  1. Erin,
    Congratulations! This is great!
    This wreath reminds me of the Latino celebration of El dia de los muertos or day of the dead. It is a 3 day celebration remembering those who have died. They develop wonderful art but nothing like your wreath!
    Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing it!

  2. I like your bow much better than mine - you did such a great job! I'm so glad we got together to make these. I'm excited for our Christmas projects too!!


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