Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aaarrgggh!!!! The first post of VSN: Pirate Adventure!

Ahoy, there me hearties!  Tonight on the VSN Pirate Ship, we celebrated the Mini VSN!  We had 5 lively challenges, indeed!

1: Use of fabric.  Now, when ye think of me pirate ship, what sort of fabric do ye think I 'ave?  Well, I created a card using the back of leather for sails!  Now tha's usin' me thinkin' cap!

 2: A sketch challenge.  Me fine pirating friends aboard ship challenged us to create a card based on a drawing!  Now that's like makin' a blueprint of a map, I tell ya'!  Well, 'ere's what I came up with.  And I used me favorite song too!  "Yo Ho, Yo Ho!  A Pirate's Life For Me!"
 3: Create a card using an inspirational picture.  Avast me hearties!  But, me own eyes have seen many a beautiful sunsets and many a beautiful beaches along the coasts of this country!  I took the inspiration picture and I made it me own!
 4: A color challenge.  Now, me parrot is the only animal aboard ship, you know!  And this challenge was all for Pretty Polly!  Use green, yellow, orange and a splash of blue.  Well, I wouldn't be a pirate if I followed the rules, now would I?!  I did the exact opposite!  I used blue, with a splash of yellow, green and orange!  Me parrot loved it!  Harrrr, harrr!!!!
 5: Use woodgrain.  What's me pirate ship without the wood?  Not a seaworthy ship, to be sure!  I decided to create a boardwalk instead though.  And don't get yer panties in a twist because she doesn't 'ave a head!  And no, she was not beheaded!  This 'ere is a MFT stamp, "By the Seashore".  I made her walk on the boardwalk, because her seeing eye dog 'as a hard time pawing through the sand.  Since they're up on the boardwalk, that dog can direct her right quick on the way to get down the 'walk.  ;)
{5 a: This is a different view so that you can kind of see the ripples in the water made w/ the gel pen.}
And that be the end of this short little jaunt 'round the bay!  Git your sea legs ready fer the main sail on Friday, May 20 and Saturday, May 21!
You have until Monday, May 2 at 8pm to upload yer cards for the Mini to be eligible for the favorites gallery.
Go to for more details.


  1. these are all so great Erin & it looks like you had a blast too! love the sails on the first one, your sketch card is super cool, i love your coloring & the shells on the inspired one, i just love the sweet umbrella in the sand on the color one & OMGoodness your art skills are over the top on WTG- what a sunset, & the boardwalk planks and your gel pen waves are rockin' awesome!!

  2. HAHAHAHA!! I am laughing hysterically and I'm pretty sure I'm going to wake Garry up! LOL OH MY GOSH! These creations are brilliant - but my fave is the headless woman walking on the beach with her seeing eye dog. OH MY GOD!! Seriously?!! Erin, you just crack me up. I so love that you have such a sense of humor in your stamping. I'm sure that's why you're always so clever. Oh, and by the way, I'm pretty sure your sails are made of PLEATHER not leather - does leather have a woven backing? HAHAHAHA Hysterical, girlie! Absolutely hysterical and THE most clever projects EVER!!


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