Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!!  Today I have created several projects that kept me busy all morning!  This afternoon we headed to an annual family Easter Egg Hunt!  It was so nice to see family since we haven't all been together since Christmas!  We are a close Italian family, so we all like to get together whenever we can!  And we never want to leave!!!!

My cousins hold this event each year at their house.  They hide all of the eggs, over 200, I believe.  All w/ pieces of paper equaling the amount of money that can be received!  Usually $.25, and up to a couple $5.00 eggs if you can find them!  They also cook almost all the food for like 30 of us!  All they ask us to bring are salads or desserts.  I'm the appetizer and dessert queen in my family, so I said that I would make dessert.  I decided to make cupcakes, and I made little scenes on the cupcakes.  Yeah, I think I watch WAY too much Cupcake Wars and Food Network!  LOL!

 Happy Easter!!!


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