Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday! We went out to dinner with him yesterday to celebrate, and this is the card I made. I had literally half an hour to make this card. Luckily, earlier in the day I was waiting for my dr.'s appt. and was perusing the newest PaperCrafts Magazine when I found a tag card by Maren Benedict using a playing card. So, I thought that that would be perfect! She used a 4 and just had 4 U. So, I changed it by using a 2 and making it Happy Birthday 2 U! Get it?!

I'm just so excited about how this turned out, I had to show it off! LOL!

Happy Stamping!!!

The other day I noticed how my roses have just exploded and I had to take a picture!!!!

Have a 'bloomin' day!


  1. Amazing! Love this card!!!

    Beautiful flowers too ;)

  2. i just love the card, you gave me a great idea :D

  3. This is such a superb idea! First I thought it was a Happy 2nd b'day for a kid ! :P
    Then I read it.. real cool ! :) <3

  4. I love the card it gave me a good idea for my dads birthday card!!!!!:)8)


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