Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm SCARY!!!!

Can I just start off by saying that my camera is making this picture look really grainy. I think I might have to start researching cameras. :( I really hate to shop! Especially big ticket items.
Oh well! You gotta do what you gotta do I guess....

Anyway, so this scrapbook page was made for the MFT Sketch Challenge. Natalie Dever created a scrapbook page for this challenge. Well, she does a lot of scrapbooking for MFT. And I finally decided that I need to work on my scrapbooking as well as my cards. So, I went through my Halloween pictures and I came across these pictures of me that were taken before I went to work on Halloween. My boss had issued a challenge to everyone in our office that he would pay us if we dressed up. So, I scoured the internet looking for the perfect Halloween outfit and came across the idea for a Prom Queen Reject!! I think it turned out pretty cool! LOL!!!

I enjoyed making this page today! My son was looking at these pictures and told me that I needed to brush my teeth more so that I don't have those teeth! Hahaha! I told him that they were fake!

Happy Stamping!!!


  1. LOL this page is awesome Erin! And I love that you're willing to share these ridiculous pictures with everyone!! You always have fantastic Halloween costumes. Nice work!

  2. Erin, Your scrapping is just as great as your cards...........cute page and it's very pleasing to the eye......even though the teeth aren't!!!!! Love, mom

  3. Too funny! Love your son's comment too. LOL! Great layout!

  4. It's so funny when the kids notice junk like that. I love this page!!! I almost never do pages about me...

  5. OK I am going to agree here, you are a little scary in this photo. WOWZERS on the layout though and the sentiment of Prom Queen Reject is genius.


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