Sunday, September 6, 2009

Recipe Box # 2!

Hi all! Just wanted to share w/ you my newest recipe box! This one was fun to make! More thought went into this one than the first one I made. I, of course, can't make the same thing twice! So, I made this one completely different. And it was a lot easier! I didn't fold corners, or have any hassle w/ STIFF CARDSTOCK!!!! UGH! So, this was very nice! And can I tell you how much I LOVE my Xyron 900!!!! That thing ROCKS!!!! If you don't have one, go out and BUY one! You have to have one! It's the best sticker maker EVAH!!!!! (as my Olivia would say! LOL!)

Anyway, on to the box! I could not figure out what I wanted to do for the top of the box. So, I was looking at this one stack of Crafty Secrets paper, which ABC Toys and Crafts sells! I saw that the front had a harlequin type front. And thought that would be cool to do on the top! But, then I noticed that there's writing on the black part in between the pictures. So, I wrote down all kinds of food and drinks w/ my white Souffle pen. The c/s on the front is Core'dinations. I am so in love w/ that paper! I ran the top part through the cuttlebug and then sanded it so the beige color comes out.
Well, I'm really tired. Have a great day!
PS: Get on over to ABC Toys and Crafts and get your 15% off by using MY code! ABC15E!!!!


  1. I love this Erin! Love the colors you used and those cute Crafty Secrets graphics.

  2. Very Creative Erin, you are the queen of the recipe box designs.

  3. absolutely adorable! I love the xyron machine, too. I think it is the handiest craft tool I have ever invested in, but I don't know if I could afford it without Michael's 40% coupons!!! I love recipe boxes, check out mine at


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