Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yesterday and today we received about 20 inches of snow.  Like my 5 yr. old said, "It's like a blanket over the earth!"  LOL! Indeed it was!  And now my husband is outside unearthing our cars from the "blanket"!  Better him than me!  I'm nice and warm inside!

Here are some pics....

This is yesterday evening when the snow really got going.

I always like to look at this tree across the road from us when we have snow falls.  It's just so pretty!

This is our grill this morning when we were surveying the snow!  My husband measured the snow fall at 20"!!!!

Here's the tree again, only this morning!  So pretty!!!

This is between my house and my neighbor's house.  We have a retaining wall where that ridge is in the snow, and then grass between that and our neighbor's house.

Here's my husband and son making a path down our sidewalk and steps.  The snow hit my son about waist high!  He had a blast!!!!

I hope that you are nice and warm and ready for spring!!!!  Like I am!  LOL!


  1. Oh I SOOOO Wanna come and play at your house.... WAHOOOO!!!!! 20" is PERFECT!!!!!!

  2. WOW! I miss the snow... but I don't know if I miss it THAT much!!!! :-)

  3. The snow is something I am really alarmed of. My cars are now under the snow and it is making delays.

  4. WOW look at all that snow!! I want snow! :)

  5. YUCK, if I liked snow in the least, I suppose I would think this pretty but all I can think is how cold and messy this is....... Did they find the sidewalk? OK so it was close to 70ish today and I swear it was 30!!!!!!! I hate to be cold

  6. holy cow! i remember as a child snow like that, but now i am in south TX... no snow here. you must be having so much fun! At least your son is, LOL. i wonder though, is everyone just stuck at home when this happens?


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