Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm back!

Hello friends!  Well, I am back from my self imposed exile, and can I just tell you how relaxing my month was?!  I may want to continue this!  Just kidding!  You are all following my blog for a reason!  DUH!  Well, since it's Oct. 1st, I thought I would just sign in here and see what's going on!  I'll be back on Sunday w/ some pics of things I have done in Sept. that I just couldn't put off.  There are just a few things!  I really have enjoyed NOT stamping.  There was no pressure to create, which was one of the reasons that drove me away, and it was nice to just sit on the couch and read and not feel like I HAD to come in here and craft.  I got some yard work done, (one day of it!  LOL!), but it felt good to do something outside. I don't usually like to be outside unless I'm at the beach!  And just being a taxi for my children has kept me away from my desk!  Now that I am back into the routine of things, I can adjust my time for stamping.  I would love to get back into the wake up at 6AM and stamp til 7:30AM frame of mind.  Ah, heaven!  No kids bothering me!  We'll see if that ever happens!  It's a goal!  I did that when I babysat.  I swear I had more time when I was babysitting 2 other kids along w/ my two!  Where did that time go?!  I guess I waste it working out, and taking the kids to and from school.  And the ever so fun trips to the grocery store! 

All right enough rambling!
Good night!  See you back here on Sunday!


  1. YEA, I've got my partner in gossip and crime back!!!! Can't wait to see what you were creating while on you little I "don't wanna stamp" holiday. I think we will get you involved in some other stamp companies that will appreciate your individual creativity!!! Talk to you soon

  2. Ummm ... YOU HATED THAT TIME WHEN YOU WERE BABYSITTING, remember?!! LOL But I know what you mean about not having any pressure to stamp. There's something to be said for stamping just for stamping's sake, right? I'm glad you're back though . . . your work always makes my day, and BLOWS MY MIND!!


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