Sunday, October 3, 2010

September cards

While I sit here watching the Steeler game w/ my husband and brother in law, I figured this was a great time for me to update my blog!  Hahaha!  Like I know what's going on anyway!

So, here are some cards I made this month.....

 This card was made for my sister's new Mother in Law for some things that she gave to me to add to my craft room!

                                                          This is the inside...

This card was for one of my sister's friends who recently got another teaching job.

This card was for a friend of mine who has been on bed rest for almost a  month at a local hospital.  Hopefully soon she'll have her baby and get to go home!!!!

This birthday card was sent to Hawaii for a special friend's daughter's birthday!!!!  I'm posting it here so that my friend can see it!

                                                        And this is just the inside.

Back to the game!
Have a great day!
Go Steelers!  ;)


  1. Look at you, sistah!! Every last one of these cards is so clever and creative. You are a genius with how your mind works and translates into amazing ideas. I'm sure each recipient will see the special love and care that you put into them . . . and will treasure them always. You're a good friend, Erin. The BEST!! Hugs!

  2. GORGEOUS detailed cards! Glad you finally got around to posting them! Miss visiting your blog!


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