Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Handmade Gift Basket

Hi there!  Today I would like to share w/ you a gift set that I made for a friend of mine who's school that she works and her children attend are having a gala fundraiser.  This gift basket is going as a silent auction item!

I used Kitchen Sink Stamps because they are the most realistic stamps that I own when it comes to flowers!
I even created some new color recipes too!

First we have the Rose!  My all time favorite!  I use this set from Hearts & Roses constantly!

 Next up we have Lilies!  I wanted a different color than purple.  I always make them purple!  I found a pretty picture of yellow/orange/deep red lilies and tried to duplicate it!

Here we have the beautiful zinnia!  I absolutely LOVE how these came out!  So vibrant!

Here are my lilacs!  Another go-to set!

And lastly, tulips.  If you ever stamp w/ Kitchen Sink Stamps, you will know what I'm talking about when I say how exciting it is when the image emerges when you have the right color combination and all of the layers are stamped exactly right!  It's like when the stars align!  That's how I felt w/ these tulips!  I wanted to create a field of tulips.  I think I achieved my goal!  Rather, my vision!  The two tulips in the front are the largest, and then the three in the back are smaller.  Kind of like an illusion!

I found this metal basket? at Michael's the other day, and thought it would be perfect!  I wanted to decorate it like I have been doing w/ my scrapbook pages lately, but sometimes less is more.  So, I simply covered the top w/ lace and a few ribbons and pretty bow.

Above is a full on view, where below is kind of on top of the basket so that you can see all of the sets.  I made 5 sets of 4 cards each.  Each card measures 3" x 3" w/ matching sized envelopes, also found at Michael's. 

And here it's all wrapped up and ready for auction!

Have a lovely day!


  1. these are stunning Erin! what a lovely basket too!

  2. Love that! I agree less is more with that cool basket! The cards are very pretty! Love you too! Mom

  3. Love that! I agree less is more with that cool basket! The cards are very pretty! Love you too! Mom


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