Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hexagon Rain Clouds

Hi there!  I am going to warn you, this project is a bit artistic and out of my normal realm of cards and scrapbook pages.

Recently, I took a ride to Michael's, and while perusing the aisles, I found watercolor paints in a tin.  I picked it up and after looking at them today after I cleaned up my stamp desk, I wanted to see what I could create w/ them!

Here's the finished product!

To create this page, here's what I did:
1.  I took a piece of watercolor paper and painted it blue w/ blue watercolor paint and a little water.
2.  I took yellow paint and water and created the petals of the flowers.
3.  I took black paint and painted the centers.
4.  I took blue and yellow and made green because there wasn't a green in the tin!  I painted the stems and leaves and grass on the bottom.
5.  I took a black jellyroll pen and outlined the flowers, stems and leaves.
6.  I took my Hexagon Grunge stencil from Donna Downey (you can purchase at eclectic Paperie!) and w/ white and blue paint painted a line of hexagons across the page.
7.  Then I took some of the Hexagon dies from MFT and used the positives and negatives of the die above and below the painted line.  I painted the ones above a darker blue, and the ones below a lighter blue.  I added white to highlight  and I mixed black and white paint to make a gray and used that as shadows.
8.  I used my pen and outlined the "cloud" above the flowers.  I used the stencil and made actual hexagons for "raindrops".  I wrote a message on the left side set of raindrops:  "Don't let rain clouds ruin your special day!"
9.  I adhered it to a page in my journal and that's it!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. That is VERY artistic my artistic daughter!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness Erin! This is gorgeous. I've never attempted "real" art - but the style is fabulous and your "clouds" are fabulous.


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