Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Thank You's

Let me start off by saying that I am really bad about thank you cards. I start out making them, and then never finish them. Or, they get made, even the message is written inside, and then they never get mailed. I really don't know what my hang up is with thank you cards! Those and Sympathy cards. I can't do those either. I never know what to say in sympathy cards. It's not really like you can say you know what it's like, or know what that person is feeling.

Anyway, off track! So, I decided to make some thank you notes for my friends and family. I still have a few more to make, as I forgot some people. Not surprising, given that our holiday was absolutely CRAZY!

So, this evening I started thinking about the design. What stamp set would I use? What could I add to it to make it a card, and make it good. I grabbed the Bubble Cuttlebug folder and Lovely As A Tree stamp, along with my Many Thanks. I think that's actually the most used stamp I have. I keep it in front of me on my desk at all times. And after looking at the white paper, I decided to make it stand vertically instead of horizontall. I also used some Shimmerz from My Favorite Things on the snow to make it shimmery. This bottle, along with two others, came from my friend Karolyn! If you would like to be truly inspired, go to her website! Scroll down on my blog until you get to her name, Karolyn Loncon and take a peek! Cute, cute stuff!!!!

All right, I'm falling asleep!

Good night everyone!

Dream about stamps! Hopefully I will too!

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  1. Awwwww . . . you are just about the sweetest girl I know. Thank you for the kind words and for sending your peeps my way. Hehehe I need me some stalkers so send em my way!! You're a good friend - thank you for that!


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