Sunday, January 4, 2009

A late Christmas gift

I subscribe to several blogs and every day there is new inspiration waiting for me when I open my email! How exciting! What a way to start the day! One of the blogs that I subscribe to is Jill Hilliard's, who is a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. One day she decorated a frame and used it as a wipe board, like a dry erase board. What a great idea, I thought! She got the idea from Valerie Stangle (no link because the post for her wipe board is buried! I think she's one of those once a day posters! LOL!) If you would like to see her stuff anyway, her blog is: She has some fabulous stuff on there!
Anyway, so I had the idea for a wipe board since I saw these posts, and thought what a great Christmas gift this would make for someone! Well, I decided that I would make one for my son's teacher this year. He's in pre-school, so it's not a huge deal, but he goes 3 days a week, so I wanted to make her something special.
This frame is super simple. I'm actually not in love with it, as I bought the thing at Wal-Mart. I really wish I could have made it to Michael's but I'm currently staying away from all craft retailers until I use up what I have first! And we all got sick, so I just never made it over there. Anyway, the paper inside is actually 12x12 and are two separate pieces of paper. The ruler is twill ribbon adhered w/ sticky strip. And the apple in the top corner is from School Days by Kitchen Sink Stamps. I scoured online for a "good apple" to copy, because if you don't use the right color combo, you might as well throw your stamped image away. But, since the design team for Kitchen Sink Stamps mainly uses Memento Ink, and I only just recently started to collect that ink, I had to use what I had, so it's all Stampin' Up! colors. I think it turned out pretty good though! That's about the only thing I like about this. I just might make her a set of cards to go with it, because I'm seriously not liking this. But, all you need to include (if you're making a gift), is to include a set of dry erase markers that you can get at Wal-Mart as well. And you're set!
But, at least you get the idea for the wipe board, and you can make your own! It's very simple, get a frame from anywhere but CHEAPO Wal-Mart and decorate away!
Happy Stamping!

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  1. Dude!! What do you mean you don't LOVE this?!! This is absolutely incredible! I love the paper and that ruler twill - oh my gosh, Jack's teacher will love this!! And how clever to use a frame as a wipe board. I'm going to try this and make one for my DD and her room at her sorority. Too cute!!


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