Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Tonight I finished a project that I absolutely fell in love with! I don't want to give this away!!!
I wanted to submit some cards and things for a chance to be on Gina K's design team for April-July or something like that. And so, I started thinking about what direction I wanted to go in regarding her stamps and how I wanted to use them.
I first stamped the little monkey from Just So Hippy, and then decided to draw palm trees and make the monkey sit on a hammock. Then, I added a newspaper and then had to stop for something. So, the monkey and palm trees just sat for about a week. Then, tonight, I had some time, so I picked them back up again, and started working with them. I took off the one arm that the monkey had that was supporting the stance, so you can pretend that the other hand is holding the other side of the newspaper. Then, I colored in the palm trees, and finally was able to use my magic mesh that I had bought way back in January. So, I manipulated that into a hammock. I used ribbon for the edging and spray adhesed that and folded it over to make the edge solid. I cut a slit in the middle and sank the monkey in. Then, I added the coffee beans for the coconuts and tied black hemp around the trees for the hammock ties. I dabbed Crystal Effects on the bottoms of the trees and sprinkled sand.

Then I looked at it, and decided it was too big and bulky to go on a card. So......what was a girl to do???? I decided to put the scene on a stamp box, but what was I going to put inside??? I don't have anything "beachy". So, I decided to use some of my tealights. Well, all mine had been lit, but I have some that I am shipping to someone, and thought I would just use some of hers! I'll ship her the box as is! She'll love it! She thinks I'm the greatest card maker in the world! It's nice on the ego!

Anyway, I also have a jar of sea glass that I picked up in Hawaii that I haven't really done anything with except display it, and I have also displayed it at my PartyLite shows. Anyway, back to my point! I had seen someone stamp directly on the glass, and I have kept that image in my head for that someday card. Well, someday kind of arrived tonight! I didn't really stamp it, I traced the letters from a stencil and went over the letters with a black sharpie. I tied tan hemp around to kind of make a belly band, and to finish the look.
I was SO happy with it when I was done! And everyone's asleep! I have no one to show it too! Boo hoo! Oh well! Hopefully someone out there in cyberspace can tell me if they love this box as much as I do?!

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Happy Stamping!!!


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