Friday, August 1, 2008

Gift pack of cards

I am such a bad Goddaughter and niece! I forgot to send a card/gift to my aunt for Mother's Day! What's really bad is that I didn't even think of it until June! I am spending the week w/ her and our family at the beach this coming week, so I decided to make her a gift and give it to her personally since she lives out of state. I really wanted to use my new Kitchen Sink Stamps because I am in LOVE with them! When I tried to use the daisy set, I couldn't come up w/ a color combo that I liked, so I went back to the hydrangea and the card I made earlier this week. It's very similar, but I don't care! I didn't have a lot of time to work on it, in between packing, babysitting, and just regular family stuff!

I wanted to put the cards and envelopes in a container so they wouldn't get smashed in transit! Since I just received my latest SU! order, I had all of my stamp cases (because I leave my stamps unmounted and spray cling spray on the backs). So, I chose the smallest one, and they fit perfectly! I stamped my favorite label from Label Classics and ran it through my Xyron so it acts like a real label and hold the tissue paper together. The case was so boring, I had to decorate it a little bit! So, I stamped the largest hydrangea and placed it in the corner.

This card did use the daisy set, and was a rough draft for the card pack. But, I wasn't altogether happy and excited about how it turned out, so I am just using it for my aunt's actual greeting card.

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Happy Stamping!!!

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  1. Your cards are just wonderful, Love the colors and the layout! Your blog is just great and all your cards are simply stunning.
    Thanks Bunches for sharing from one Erin to another...


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