Thursday, August 21, 2008


Tomorrow and Saturday will be SUPER CRAFTING DAYS! as I participate in the final Summer VSN Challenge on Splitcoast! If you would like to participate, go here and see what it's all about!
It starts at 7pm EST on Friday and concludes for the day a 11pm. Then, Saturday, it starts again at 4EST and goes until 12EST, and each challenge is 45 minutes long. Like one lady said in a post, whatever buzzer you use for your time, it can scare the bejeebers out of you if you're really focused! I usually jump out of my chair! That is if I'm not looking at the timer swearing because of the short time left!

The theme is Book Club, so every challenge is related to the hostess' favorite book. I have too many favorite books to mention here! I could go on for days! I do have two romance Silhouette books that I read a few years ago, and then gave back to the library after I was finished. But, I never forgot those books, and wanted to read them again. I couldn't find them anywhere. So, my sister found them online and bought them for me for Christmas! Isn't she the best??!!!

So anyway, I'll be posting like crazy over the next few days, and then hopefully I'll get motivated to get all of my cards done! I have quite a few things to complete and they all need to be done soon! So I should be posting daily again! Fingers crossed!

Off to bed to rest up for the stamping marathon!

Come join in on all the fun!
Happy Stamping!!!

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  1. Yay, Erin! Can't wait to hang out with you tonight and all day tomorrow! Should be some great challenges. I know you'll love each and every one of them. See you tonight!!


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