Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jack's thank you cards

When we had my son, and we started to travel, we decided to collect college pennants to decorate his room. Well, friends of my parents have a daughter who got us 2 to add to our collection! So, I needed to make a thank you note for her! How cool to receive those in the mail!
This card is my more subdued, hoping for a design team spot someday side. I try to be elegant, but sometimes, as you will see below, the crazy imagination comes through!

This summer my mother took my son for swimming lessons and he excelled and when we went to the beach, he was diving into the waves, and swimming w/ an intertube instead of hanging on to us! So, I needed to make his teacher a thank you!
This card is a little more like my crazy stamping side! I used a sponge for the noodles, kick board, and floaties. I like to think that's creative! I could not think of any other floatation device that I could put on this card! I just hope she doesn't think it's a dumb card. Or that my mother thinks it's dumb! Cause then I'll have to start all over, and probably make another elegant, yet boring card!
I had the house to myself today, so I was able to complete these two cards and now I can mark those off my to do list!

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Happy Stamping!!!

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