Friday, February 4, 2011

Ms. Organization!

I like to be organized.  That is not always the case, but I like to TRY to be!  I am now working with my dad and two other individuals in a company that my dad has created called G.R.I.P. Solutions.  Right now I'm working with our webdesigner to build a website to display and sell the products that my dad has created.  All of these products are created/invented w/ disabled people in mind.  However, I have a few products at my home that I use, and there's nothing wrong w/ me. 

Here is our website:  It's almost complete!  We are waiting for a new banner that will take our site to a new level!  Feel free to explore the site!  I have the G.R.I.P. Pad and use it on my lap when stamping in front of the tv.  I also use the G.R.I.P. Pad in my car to hold my purse in place on the front seat when I slam the brake pedal too fast!  I also use it for long trips to hold the dvd player in for the kids in the middle console.  Once it's on there, it doesn't move!  And then I use the G.R.I.P. Pad whenever I go stamping.  Sometimes when you're working at a table that gives when you bear down on your stamp so only half of the image shows up on paper?  Well, I put my G.R.I.P. Pad down on the table, followed by my Stampin' Up! self healing mat, and then my paper and stamp, and it makes a perfect impression every time with the added support of the G.R.I.P. Pad!  The nice thing too about the G.R.I.P. Pad is that it comes in different sizes and colors!  Get yours today!  ;)

Since this is a serious product line, and we have a serious future ahead of us, I wanted to start with my best foot forward.  I try to take advantage of the opportunity to create something instead of just going out and purchasing something that I'm just ok with.  Why not create something that you are totally in love with?  I needed a binder of sorts to hold important documents, my notebooks, and any other important material needed to get my job done or have on hand if needed.  I searched my stash of office supply items and found some plastic manila folders.  I bought these by mistake several years ago for another organizing project, and just kept them, knowing that I would eventually use them for something else!  And that time had come!  I went through my SU! dsp and found Love Note that I fell in love with!!!  Grabbed some Tim Holtz stamps and other companies stamps and went to work!  Working w/ 3 colors really made it quick and easy to create this binder!  After the pages were cut and designed, I ran them through my sewing machine to create pockets.  I would advise using a strong needle for this!  On the very last pocket, I actually broke my needle because it was fighting w/ the plastic folder!  Not my most brilliant moment!  But, I'm still a novice when it comes to my sewing machine, so I'll chalk it up to, "I just didn't know!"

Here's the front:

 I used Tim Holtz and Kitchen Sink Stamps roses to create this little collage.

This is just showing the pocket.  For the rest of the pages, just the bottom is stitched and the side by the rings is stitched for reinforcement.
I used MFT stamps and dies for the top part of this page.  Nesties and inkadinkado stamps for the middle.

 Here's a close up of my MFT banner!

 Some of these are Tim Holtz and some are unknown.  I can't remember the brand of stamps that I used...

 I used Tim Holtz and Inkadinkado stamps here.  I used a martha punch and some lace behind it to anchor my centerpiece.  When I stamped the wings, I thought they were bird wings, but then I realized that I have always looked at that stamp upside down!  It's actually two baby angels holding hands!  Isn't that so sweet?!
 You can kind of see the angels better here...  But not much.  The nice thing about doing the rings to hold the files in place is that I can add to it as needed!

And this is what it usually looks like w/ all of my stuff in it!  LOL!  I feel like a real business person instead of a stay at home mom!  And THAT feels GOOD!  :D


  1. Holy Crap that is the coolest thing ever. I am totally impressed and want one. The colors and patters are amazing. You ROCKED this Chicca

  2. I saw this up close and personal and it's very cool and useful too......but I'm still stuck on your first sentence? Love, mom

  3. Awesome work on this gorgeous organizational binder, Erin!! It looks as useful as it is gorgeous!!

    That G.R.I.P. pad sound like it will solve many problems for many people. Wishing your dad good luck with his new products!!


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