Friday, February 25, 2011

VSN! WHoo hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VSN has officially started!  Whooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!  I love VSN!  I have not been able to participate for a couple of them, but I'm participating tonight!  Well, kind of...  In between taking care of kids and doing yucky laundry!

So, here's the second VSN challenge: wedding/heart song.  My wedding song was You're the Inspiration by Chicago.  Kevin serenaded me w/ it when we were dating, and that became our wedding song when we got married!  So every time we hear it, we look at each other and just smile! :D

Anyway, so go on over to Splitcoast and see what's up!  Challenges are going on right now til 10pm, then start up again at noon tomorrow and go on all day!

See you over there, crafty peeps!


  1. Very beautiful, love the big pearls and fun flowers. I was getting ready for our Garage Sale and then just wore myself out so I took a bath made frozen pizza and am going to bed

  2. PRETTY! Love it! I need to try VSN one day...


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